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Made for Pax
1 min readSep 29, 2020

Promoting the Peace of Jesus in the 21st Century

We are a community of artists, writers, scholars, activists, pastors, and everyday peacemakers dedicated to empowering you with a Jesus-centered approach to justice and peacemaking.

Created by and for Gen Z and Millennials of Color, we take seriously the creative, social and spiritual call for voices of color to lead conversations on both biblical concepts and praxis on holistic restoration in our society.

We help center and platform voices of color that seek to restore dignity and honor to all of God’s creation including people, families, communities, systems, nations, and environment.

We promote stories of sacrificial love, non-violent resistance to unjust forces, and enemy love for a world desperately in need of peace.

This is a movement dedicated to the entire message of Jesus, which encompasses redemption and reconciliation between humans and God, humans and other neighboring humans, and humans and the world around them.




Made for Pax

Pax is a new movement committed to promoting the Peace of Jesus in the 21st Century