Native American Voices of Pax

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1 min readNov 1, 2021

At Pax, our mission is to inspire and equip the next generation through slow, beautiful, Jesus-centered content led by Christians of color. We are grateful for the Native American voices of Pax that have guided us to a greater understanding and embodiment of peace, justice, and wholeness as followers of Christ.

For Native American Heritage Month, we want to highlight the artists and writers who have contributed a wide array of theologically-rich resources on pursuing the peace of Jesus in the 21st century. From our StoryArcs to Marketplace resources and social media, allow these incredible voices of Native American men and women to guide you through a collection of multi-sensory discipleship materials to study and pursue shalom in your own life.

Cosmic Peace StoryArc:

Unsettling Truths by Mark Charles

Nonviolence StoryArc:

Violence, Nonviolence, and Anti-violence by Andrea Smith

Lessons on Nonviolence from Native America by Mariah Humphries



Made for Pax

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